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Don’t miss the first Ice Cream Festival today at Merida’s

Delicious ice creams of many flavors, as well as flans and other desserts, will be offered at this Festival.

Merida has a 100% electric, public transport unique in Latin America

100 kilometers through 3 routes with high demand: Centro-Umán, Faculty of Engineering UADY-Centro and Kanasín-Centro.

Wagons of the Mayan Train will cost 50 billion pesos: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that regarding the progress of the Mayan Train and highlighted that there is a contract for 50 billion pesos for  the trains.

Mexico is back on CDC’s Level 3 travel advisory

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its travel warning for Mexico, saying the country now is a Level 3 for a high rate of coronavirus cases.

The impressive Maya Balloon Festival in Tahmek  

This year, the Maya Balloon Festival will have the presence of balloonists from various countries and people who want to attend can do so because it is a free event.

Almost 10 thousand Ukrainians have entered the US through the Mexican border

Nearly 10,000 Ukrainians without permission to enter the U.S. have been processed by border officials in the past two months as thousands of refugees displaced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have traveled to Mexico

Beautiful Xixim reopens in Celestun, Yucatan

Xixim Mundo Imperial will offer 32 suites, now open for reservations.

The recently discovered archaeological zone of Xiol in Kanasín

The pre-Hispanic Mayan settlement of Xiol is located about 12 kilometers from downtown Mérida, in a stretch of 21 hectares, located in the municipality of Kanasín.

Celebrated Pottery Artist Brings Mexican Indigenous Art To A Global Audience

Like many women from the town of Amatenango del Valle, in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, Juana Gómez Ramírez learned the art of working with clay as a young girl.