The impressive Maya Balloon Festival in Tahmek  

This year, the Maya Balloon Festival will have the presence of balloonists from various countries and people who want to attend can do so because it is a free event.

It should be clarified that this is not a hot air balloon event, so, people cannot get on the balloons, but rather they are handcrafted by local and international balloonists with “Papel de China” (tissue paper).

Likewise, during the event, there will also be a gastronomic sample, exhibitions, and different shows.

The municipal president of Tahmek, Neyda Heredia Leal, reported a few days ago that the logistics of the event are already being prepared, through the different dependencies of the state government, as well as the supervision of agents of Civil Protection of Yucatan (Procivy).

“The theme that is being planned for this festival is going to be the distinctiveness of Yucatan, that is, landscapes, animals, and customs,” added Heredia Leal.

She recalled that in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, the Maya Balloon Festival received more than 10,000 people including local, national, and international visitors.

The expectations in terms of capacity and sale of handicrafts were exceeded since the town is considered a pioneer in the production of tissue paper balloons.

The event was suspended for two years, but in 2022, it will be back in August, days after the traditional fair in honor of San Lorenzo Mártir, patron saint of Tahmek, from August 5 to 15 in Tahmek.